SAMMYs Hall of Fame Inducting Rick Gary

September 15, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- How'd you like to be inducted to a Hall of Fame someday?  How about two?  Longtime local broadcaster Rick Gary, the current afternoon host at Syracuse's Sunny 102 (WZUN) and Utica's Mix 102.5 (WUMX) is already in the NYS Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame... and later this fall, he'll join the SAMMYs Hall of Fame in Syracuse.

Word of Gary's induction comes to directly from "Big Mike" Fiss, who hosts mornings on both of the above stations.  Fiss is a former member of the SAMMYs Board of Directors, a 1996 inductee to the Hall himself, and he emceed the press conference earlier this week, announcing this year's inductees.

The SAMMYs are the Syracuse Area Music Awards, and the Hall of Fame serves to recognize not only top local musicians, but people who've made notable efforts to help promote the local music scene.  Big Mike says his colleague Rick is not only "a great personality on radio and TV," but he has also been known as a "fundraiser for many local charities and he's always been a friend to local music."

No other inductees in the local broadcasting business, but just so you're not left wondering, here's the list as Big Mike provided:

  • 805 (a legendary band, featuring well known musicians such as Dave Porter, Greg Liss, Ed Vivenzio, Frank Briggs, and others through the years … exciting live shows, terrific studio recordings)
  • Dave "Rock" Feinstein (of the legendary band Elf, The Rods, and still one of the hardest, best guitar players on the planet)
  • Marcia Hagan (singer, composer, jazz, gospel, rock, teacher and community activist)
  • Music Educator: Joe Riposo: (Director of Jazz Studies at Syracuse University and for over 30 years with the Liverpool School district, past president of the International Association of Jazz Educators and still one of the hardest working sax players in the area)

Fiss notes the SAMMYs board includes "Chairperson Liz Nowak, Debbie Foley, Susan Foster (all three have been with the SAMMYs from the beginning); Mike Donahue, Jessica Novak (Syracuse New Times music editor) and Ron Wray (also known as our Syracuse Music Historian)."

The induction ceremony will take place Thursday, November 10th, Upstairs at the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse.

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