Alan Bishop Wins "GM of the Year" Award

September 20, 2011 by

CHICAGO -- Formerly of WFBL and WNTQ, Alan Bishop recently won Radio Ink magazine's "GM of the Year" award, for his work with the Finger Lakes Radio Group in Geneva.  The award was presented to Bishop at the NAB-RAB Radio Show last week.

Our thanks to Frank Lischak, VP of Sales at Finger Lakes Radio, for passing along the good news.  He points out Bishop worked at WFBL when it was known as "Hot Hits Fire 14," and he worked for 93Q in the 1980s.

Lischak also sent along this photo -- we're not sure who gets the credit for taking the photo, but Bishop is the fourth person from the left -- or if you're not up for counting, he's the tallest among the bunch.  Congratulations to Alan on this remarkable achievement!

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