93Q's Ted Long Returns After Gastric Bypass Surgery

September 27, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- You may have heard on the air (or read on's Facebook page), that 93Q (WNTQ) morning co-host Ted Long underwent gastric bypass surgery last week. We're glad to report he returned to work yesterday. According to a report published today, Long has already lost nearly 25 pounds -- and says he wants to shed another 125.

In a Q-and-A style article which appeared on today, Long told reporter Kathleen Poliquin he chose the ROUX-en-Y type of gastric bypass surgery because "it's the most effective," adding that "it's the hardest one to cheat, which is what I need."

Long tells Poliquin he just turned 50 this year, and peaked at nearly 380 pounds. He got it down to 369 before the surgery, and currently stands at 345. His goal is to bring it down to 220. Long says weight-related problems like high cholesterol and sleep apnea contributed to his decision to have the surgery. By dropping the excess weight, Long says, "my health will be better and I'll be around longer for my kids and my wife."

Poliquin also asked Long why he sounds a little different on the air since returning; he explained it was due to a breathing tube used during the procedure, but jokingly added, "unless I'm losing fat from my vocal chords."

While Long was out for surgery, afternoon host Rick Roberts filled-in as morning co-host alongside Amy Robbins.


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