POTW: Evolution of a Mic Flag (2011)

November 4, 2011 by

OSWEGO -- With so many choices on the radio dial, a clear, memorable logo is an important part of any station's branding strategy.  And anytime a station "updates" its logo, it has to update lots of other things -- from letterhead and vehicles, to billboards, coffee mugs and ... mic flags.  This week, a look at how WRVO's mic flag has evolved over the past 40+ years.

This is just one of many assorted photos on WRVO's Facebook Page.  There are no specific dates attached to the flags above, but it's easy to tell the blue flags on the far left are the oldest, and you progress chronologically to the right.  You can see how the two in the middle conformed to what seemed to be a "trend" for 3-sided mic flags about ten or fifteen years ago.  A four-sided model displays the newest logo.


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