Two Ex-WTVH Journalists in TV News Documentary

November 8, 2011 by

HAMDEN, CT -- Two well-known local journalists who used to work at Syracuse CBS affiliate WTVH are featured in a new documentary about
the television news business. The documentary was produced by two Quinnipiac University journalism professors. Shooting started in 2009, and the finished product just recently hit the web.

A tip of the hat to the Syracuse Press Club's Joe Picciotto for posting the link on the SPC's LinkedIn group. He says Scott Atkinson
(now news director at Watertown's WWNY) and Dave Bullard (now assignment editor at WSYR-TV) appear in the documentary, titled,
Empty: The Brain Drain in Local TV News.

Picciotto says the 57-minute documentary explores "the lack of in-depth reporting on television." Professors Karin and Bill Schwanbeck interviewed staff at dozens of television stations across the country. They found only four stations within the nation's top 10 markets allowed reporters time to develop in-depth stories. All four stations are located in Texas: two in Houston, two in Dallas.

As described by the documentary's producers:

Journalism is losing experienced reporters at a record rate. This means less in-depth and investigative reporting that help keep you informed. This documentary introduces you to some seasoned reporters who were at the top of their game. They share their frustrations and challenges as they move on with their lives.

And here's the documentary via YouTube.

(Editor's note: I haven't had a chance to view the documentary myself yet, just taking Joe's word on it.)

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