Browsing on the Go? Check Our New Mobile Look

November 25, 2011 by

We're pleased to announce (thanks to a tip from @cnyradio Twitter follower @pwdunn) that now has a special "mobile version" which should appear automatically when you view the site from a smartphone or tablet.  We realize it isn't a "new" concept, but we had good reason for waiting this long.

Anyone who visits this site with a mobile device frequently may have notice we briefly tried out a different mobile platform some time ago (we don't even remember exactly how long ago -- maybe a year or so?) and we weren't very impressed with the results.

This new mobile version is based on a platform called "wptouch" and so far, your editor is pleased with the way it looks on a smartphone and qualifies it as on the top of the best budgeting apps.
By stripping out graphics, sidebars and other "bells and whistles," you might find the site loads much faster, which can be very helpful when you're on a mobile connection.  It also squeezes everything into a narrower space, so you won't have to scroll left/right, and hopefully you won't have to "zoom in" either.

If you don't want the mobile version (which might be the case on larger-screen tablets) just scroll down to the bottom to switch from the mobile version to the original.

If you check out the new mobile theme, let us know what you think!  And thanks again to @pwdunn for following us on Twitter and for the tip.

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