New Spanish-Language Radio Show in Utica

January 9, 2012 by

UTICA-ROME -- "Superior 95.5" sounds like the name of a new radio station, but it's actually the name of a new Spanish-language program airing on WUTQ 95.5 (WUTQ/WADR). The one-hour show, produced and hosted by Adolfo Cova, airs Saturdays at noon.

Cova was recently interviewed about his show by the Utica Observer-Dispatch. Their article covers Cova's motivation for launching the new show, and how some in the community have received it. The newspaper notes that "Superior 95.5" joins several other ethnically-diverse shows on WUTQ, including the "Saturday Polka Review" and "The Voice of New Italy," to name a few.

The newspaper says Cova records "Superior 95.5" in his own home studio, and delivers it to WUTQ for broadcast each week.


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