Dr. Rick Wright Seeking Input for Syracuse Radio History Book

January 24, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Longtime local radio personality and Syracuse University professor Dr. Roosevelt "Rick" Wright tells he's got a publishing deal for a book about the history of Syracuse radio.  But he says he can't do it alone -- he's looking for help in putting together "the total package" of photos, posters, promotional materials, DJ histories and any other material related to radio's history in Syracuse.

Here's the message Dr. Wright sent to us, with the details on what he's looking for and how you can help:

Happy New Year 2012 to the Fantastic Staff of  "It's Syracuse Radio Showtime in 2012!"

I would like to announce to all of my incredible Radio Friends who have kept "Radio Broadcasting" alive in Syracuse and Central New York that I am writing and producing a book on "Syracuse Radio" to be published by Arcadia Publishing.

The publication will be a "major" pictorial and narrative treatise on Syracuse Radio from the 1920's to the present, I am will be looking for the "total package" of photographs, promotional materials, historical articles, DJ/announcer history, and all materials that have connections to the "Incredible Rich History of Syracuse Radio."

Since coming to Syracuse as a Doctoral Fellow majoring In Instructional Technology - Radio at Syracuse University; working Radio at the "Big 15 - WOLF-AM", and hitting the air waves as 1st Phone Broadcast Engineer and Air Personality at 1260 WNDR-AM, where I was "Rick Wright All Through The Night' during the fantastic 1970's - I am looking forward to the documentation of "The Greatest Radio Broadcasting Story In The Land," and I want everyone who has ever had a chance to contribute and develop this "rich story" to be a part of my research for inclusion in this historical cognitive story.

The Stories of  WSYR-AM/FM, WFBL-AM, WOLF-AM, WNDR-AM, WAGE-AM, WHEN-AM, WPAW-AM, WONO-FM, WJMK-AM, WAER-FM, WJPZ-FM, WSOQ-AM, WMHR-FM, WAQX-FM, WDDS-FM, WNTQ-FM, WXDC-FM, WRDS-FM, WPHR-FM, WRVO-FM, WSEN-AM /FM, WWHT-FM, WRHP-FM, WTLA-AM, and a host of other stations that have "blown up" the air waves of Syracuse have a tremendous "Radio Story To Tell."

So let's remember Danny Dan Leonard, Jim O'Brien, Big George, Happy Jack, Jim Sims, Deacon Double Day, Ed Murphy, Dick Clark, Kay Russell... wow!!!!! Let me stop mentioning names, the list that I have in my "radio notebook and file" is incredible, and they along with other Radio Greats, like Fred Winston, Chester Whiteside, etc., etc., etc. will be saluted for their wonderful Syracuse Radio accomplishments.

I have an Eight Chapter Outline that I am working from - but, I would love to hear from all "Interested Syracuse Radio Historians" for "Advice and Your Input ------on Syracuse Radio!!"

If you have any stories or materials you can lend to Dr. Wright for his book, contact him in his office at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at (315) 443-9244 or via email at

In addition to his work at SU, Wright hosts "Old Skool Sundays" every Sunday from 1-7pm on Power 620 (WHEN).

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