WRVO's "Foneless February" Aims to Minimize On-Air Fundraising

February 19, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Whether you enjoy public broadcasting on a daily basis, or only once or twice a week, chances are you're not too pleased whenever you tune-in your favorite programs, only to find they've been interrupted, delayed or pre-empted by a pledge drive.  But WRVO says it'll limit its spring on-air fundraising to just one day (rather than several) if listeners come through during "Foneless February."

As the name implies, the mostly off-air fundraiser started nearly three weeks ago, and has about ten days left.  Based on its expectations for the campaign, WRVO's website says on-air fundraising in March will be limited to just one day, March 22.  If that's not enough of an incentive, WRVO says all contributions made during February will be matched by "WRVO's Member Pool, with the help of a local family foundation."

WRVO says it relies on listener contributions for more than 50% of its operating budget.  In addition to its main signal from Oswego, WRVO programming is simulcast on WRVD in Syracuse, WRVN in Utica and WRVJ in Watertown.  WRVO's programming is also simulcast by Colgate University's WRCU in Hamilton and SUNY Cortland's WSUC, during hours when students are not originating their own local programming.  WRVO also broadcasts on translators in Geneva, Hamilton, Norwich, and Watertown.


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