Chet Osadchey Named VP/GM for Saga's Ithaca Cluster

March 15, 2012 by

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- Chet Osadchey, a familiar name to longtime broadcasters in Central New York, has been named VP/GM of the seven-station Cayuga Radio Group, owned by Saga Communications. He'll be replacing Susan Johnston, who announced in January that she'd be retiring by the end of this month.

Osadchey's appointment was announced in a memo from Saga President/CEO Ed Christian this morning, according to national radio trade website

According to his LinkedIn profile, Osadchey has been VP/GM of the Cumulus (formerly Citadel) cluster in Buffalo since 2005. Before that, he was Director of Sales and New Media for CBS Radio in Hartford, Connecticut.

AllAccess says Osadchey worked in radio sales in Syracuse and Rochester before making the leap to management.

Osadchey's no stranger to Ithaca, either; he's a 1988 graduate of Cornell University.

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