Reminder: "Protecting Our Children" on Several Syracuse Stations Tomorrow

April 24, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- As reported right here earlier this month, several local television stations will be putting aside competition for one hour tomorrow night, joining forces to raise awareness about child abuse in Central New York.  Protecting Our Children will air in three different timeslots tomorrow night -- the most-prominent being at 7:00pm, when six TV stations and three online streams will simulcast the special.

Organizers say the program will look at child abuse from many different angles.  There will be interviews with child abuse survivors, investigators, and representatives from the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center in Syracuse.  "The mission here is to better educate the public so we can better protect our children," said WCNY President and CEO Robert J. Daino.

The anchor team for the special draws from all of the market's TV newsrooms -- Dan Cummings from NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV), Matt Mulcahy from NBC3 (WSTM) and CW6 (WSTQ-LP), Michael Benny from CBS 5 (WTVH), Farah Jadran from WCNY, and Julie Chapman from YNN -- according to a post on Mulcahy's blog.

WCNY's Amy Manley served as producer of the program. Many of the "joint operations" for the special, including studio shoots with all five anchors appearing together, were handled at WCNY. The public broadcaster also has a special web page launching on Wednesday, which will provide viewers a list of phone numbers and links to various organizations.

"Protecting Our Children" Schedule


  • WCNY 24.1


  • WSTM 3
  • WTVH 5
  • WSYR 9
  • WSTQ 14 (or 3.2)
  • WCNY 24.4 (high-definition)
  • YNN (Time Warner channels 10 and 880)


  • WNYS 43

Additional media support for “Protecting Our Children” is provided by Cumulus Radio, Sinclair Broadcasting and Clear Channel.

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