Community Leader Mary Nelson to Host New Show on Power 620

May 2, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Mary Nelson, a community leader who oversees a local youth community center named in her honor, will be hosting a weekly show on Power 620 (WHEN) starting this weekend.  Nelson first made headlines ten years ago, when she organized a massive "Youth Day Barbecue" collection drive to provide school supplies for the city's less fortunate children.

Surprisingly, word of Nelson's new show comes not from WHEN parent Clear Channel, but from the Central New York Community Foundation, via a post on the philantropic organization's Facebook page.  The post says Nelson's show will air live, every Saturday from 2-3pm, and Nelson will open up the phone lines for listeners to call-in and join the conversation.

As of Wednesday night, the Power 620 web site lists Patty Jackson on the Saturday schedule from 10am to 3pm.  No word on whether her shift on the Urban AC-formatted station will simply be cut back by an hour, or if she's being replaced entirely.

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