POTW: Expatriate Syracuse Radio People (2012)

May 18, 2012 by

FLORIDA -- Do you recognize this pair?  Not only did they both work in Syracuse radio some time ago, but they both worked at the same station.  And they've recently crossed paths again in Florida... where one still works in radio, and the other has since changed careers.  If you're stumped, the answers are right after the full-size photo within this post:

POTW 5/18/12 - Peter King and Judy Manzer (Judy Berman)

Our thanks to Peter King for sending in this photo of himself with Judy Berman -- though you might remember her as Judy Manzer, the name she went by at the time they both worked at 62 WHEN.  Peter tells us Judy was part of "our award-winning News Watch 62 news team ... during the 80s and early 90s."  During those years, King was the station's midday host until 1988, when he became program director.  While in Syracuse, Berman also worked for WFBL and WAER.

Today, King works for CBS News Radio as a correspondent based in central Florida.  He says Berman and her husband Dave -- a former reporter for the Syracuse Newspapers -- moved to Florida about ten years ago.  He's a reporter for Florida Today and she's a teacher for the Brevard County School District.  They took this photo after a recent dinner together.  Peter King writes, "I'd say Florida agrees with all of us!"

Got Pictures?

Our thanks again to Peter King for sharing this photo with us!  We're always looking for more -- there's a new Picture of the Week every Friday.  Whether you've got a photo of a recent happening related to local radio or TV, or a notable "blast from the past," we hope you'll share.  The email address is


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