WCNY: Bill Shedden Expected to Return

June 6, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- When a broadcast personality is gone for just a week or two, it's usually for a vacation.  When it's been about a month -- as has been the case with Classic FM (WCNY-FM) morning host Bill Shedden -- listeners start to wonder if there's been a lineup change.  But fans need not worry, as station management tells that Shedden will return.

Following-up on a reader tip, we contacted John Tonello, WCNY Vice President of Advancement, Communications and Content Delivery.  He says "Bill remains a valued part of WCNY and we are looking forward to having him back on WCNY-FM."  Pointing out that Shedden is "a valued WCNY employee entitled to the same workplace privacy as any professional," Tonello declined to elaborate further.

Job Openings at WCNY

In our efforts to put this story together, we learned former WCNY public relations manager Matt Michael has accepted a position elsewhere.  That brings us to point out WCNY currently has not one, but three positions open right now:

  • Account Executive
  • Editor
  • Director of Development

Details on all three positions, including requirements and how to apply, are posted on the WCNY website.

Got News?

Our thanks to a reader who used our Contact Form to provide the initial tip which resulted in this story.  Whether you're a station official with news to share, or an observer noticing something we haven't reported yet, we're always grateful to hear from you at or via the Contact Form.  Requests for anonymity are always honored with the highest regard, and if you use the form, you don't even need to supply your name or email address -- even we won't know who you are.


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