WHCU's "All Things Equal" Celebrates 200th Episode

August 6, 2012 by

ITHACA -- The weekly "All Things Equal" segment on News/Talk 870 and 95.5 (WHCU) recently marked two notable milestones: it was the end of the segment's fourth season and it was the segment's 200th broadcast.

According to a press release from WHCU, the show " features in-depth conversations on diversity, equity, and-or sustainability, with a focus on solutions and common ground."  It airs Tuesday mornings at 8:35am, just about the same timeslot it had since it debuted in September 2008.

The WHCU press release describes the show's topics and its achievements since 2008, so we'll defer:

The show emerged from a series of community conversations that pointed to the need for steady and productive dialogues on a year-round basis, not just in the aftermath of a crisis. This popular show has touched on everything from new equity strategies, local affordable housing, employment challenges and sustainability.

All Things Equal has received special awards for achievement in Electronic Communication and Interactive Media from SUNYCUAD, and in 2011 was nominated for the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation's (NABEF) Celebration of Service to America Award by a coalition of community members led by the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce. Off of those nominations, Lynette Chappell Williams, AVP for Workforce Diversity & Inclusion at Cornell spoke of All Things Equal: "The show has been a voice of education and encouragement, and taken on difficult topics with grace and professionalism, providing an opportunity for awareness and civil discourse about diversity on campus and in the community. A true change agent, we would not be this far ahead in creating an inclusive environment without the great work that All Things Equal has so successfully accomplished."

In addition to the weekly broadcasts, previous episodes are available as podcasts on the WHCU website.


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