POTW: Newspaper vs. Radio Softball (1977)

August 10, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- We're looking back to the days of an era gone by in our latest Picture of the Week.  Peter McElvein from Classic FM (WCNY-FM) sends along this photo, taken while he went by a different on-air name while working for a different station in the late 1970s.

McElvein sent in this photo, which he scanned from a 1977 edition of the Syracuse Herald-Journal, with credit due to photographer Clement H. Murray.  At the time, McElvein used the name "Pete McKay" on WHEN, and you can see him right near the center of the photo, circled in yellow.  Just to his right, circled in green, are Jim Shafer (partially hidden, with glasses), Ray Diorio, and (Captain) Gordon Spooner.

As the original caption notes, McElvein (McKay) and Herald-Journal reporter Tim Carroll were holding up a young boy who was scheduled to have an operation the following month.  The WHEN and Herald-Journal teams organized the softball game as a fundraiser to help defray expenses for the operation.  The caption also notes rain forced the game to end, tied at 7 runs a piece in the 7th inning... on 7/7/77.

Got Pictures?

Our thanks to Peter McElvein for sending in what's now our 6th week in a row of reader-submitted Pictures of the Week... and again, we want to acknowledge the photo was originally taken by the Herald-Journal's Clement H. Murray, which is why we didn't stamp our usual "Picture of the Week" logo right on the image as we usually do.  Thanks to another reader, we can already say this record-breaking streak of reader-submitted photos will continue into a 7th week, but after that, the queue will be empty again.  So, if you've got photos of noteworthy people, places or events involving local radio or television, send those shots to or upload via the Contact Form.  There's a new Picture of the Week every Friday at 7am.


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