Mimi Griswold to Retire from Galaxy

September 27, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Citing some recent events in her personal life, Mimi Griswold announced plans to retire from her duties as Vice President of Programming for Syracuse-based radio operator Galaxy Communications at the end of this year. Griswold will continue to host Blue Moon Cafe, and she'll serve as a programming consultant.

Griswold was hired in 1992 to program K-Rock, when it started as WKLL in the Utica-Rome market. When Galaxy expanded into the Syracuse market a year later, she saw the expansion of K-Rock to 100.9 WKRL, and she also oversaw programming for TK99 (WTKW). Griswold was promoted to her current position as VP of Programming in 1998.

Ed Levine, President and CEO of Galaxy, said Griswold "helped lead our growth from one radio station in the back of a diner to fourteen radio stations and a position as one of the nation's leading independent broadcasters. I'm just thankful that she will continue to be on the air with Blue Moon Cafe as well as having access to her programming knowledge by being a consultant to Galaxy."

In the same statement, issued today, Griswold said, "These stations have been my passion for the past twenty years, and I have loved every minute of it. But in the last twelve momths, I have had to deal with a major health scare and my son had a serious accident. Thankfully, we are both doing well now, but those two events made me realize nothing is forever. This seems like the right time to slow down a bit."

Levine says, "Mimi has left an indelible mark on Galaxy and Syracuse radio."

Blue Moon Cafe airs Sundays from 7am to noon on Syracuse's TK99/TK105 (WKTW/WTKV) and on Utica-Rome's 96.9 WOUR.

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2 comments on “Mimi Griswold to Retire from Galaxy”

  1. Some folks seemed to view her as the problem, at least with TK99 (and there must have been something given Cumulus flipped an entire station around the guy she canned a while back), I wonder if it will mean any changes there. I know I rarely listen to Galaxy since they sold WSCP-FM; but then if I want music, my car stereo can play thousands of MP3s off a flash drive.


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