Arbitron Issues Syracuse Summer Ratings

October 15, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- The summer Arbitron book is out for the Syracuse radio market. As has been the policy for quite some time, Arbitron is only releasing Persons 12+ ratings information for stations which subscribe to its full report. With several stations not subscribing, the data released to the public offers an incomplete picture of the market.

According to numbers Arbitron is releasing to the public, B104.7 (WBBS) leads the pack again, with an 11.6. That's the third book in a row where the Clear Channel country station has hovered in the mid-elevens.

The public Arbitron chart follows with Clear Channel sister stations News/Talk 106.9 and 570 WSYR, and rhythmic CHR Hot 107.9 (WWHT) tied, each posting a 6.5. Nipping at their heels is Clear Channel AC station Y94 (WYYY), with a 6.4.

Next on the list, a sizeable increase for New Country WOLF 105.1, posting its best book out of the last seven, with a 4.1. However, WOLF's sister station, rhythmic AC MOViN 100.3/96.5 (WMVN) took a slight hit, dropping from a 2.2 during the spring book, to a 1.4 in the summer book. Clear Channel's urban AC Power 620 (WHEN) comes between the two WOLF Radio Inc. stations, jumping from a 1.8 in the spring to a 2.4 for the summer.

As mentioned previously, the numbers made available to the public reflect an overall view of all listeners, ages 12+, for an average of all timeslots for all seven days of the week between 6am and midnight. They do not reflect any station's performance within specific timeslots or demographics.

Furthermore, these numbers are not considered "rankings," as they do not include non-subscribing stations, most notably including those owned by Cumulus Media and Galaxy Communications. Non-commercial stations are also omitted from the public report. The ratings for these omitted stations are only provided directly to stations and advertising agencies who subscribe to Arbitron's full reports.


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