Galaxy CEO Speaks Candidly About Ratings, Competitors and the Future

November 6, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- The way Galaxy Communications CEO and President Ed Levine sees it, one of his competitors has "created an industry of indentured servants."  But he's not all about slamming the competition; in a recent interview with one of radio's national-level trades, Levine had kind words for another competitor.  He also explained why he severed his ties with radio ratings giant Arbitron a few years ago, and he shared some thoughts for his long-term plans for Galaxy.  You can read Levine's insights for yourself in this week's Power Player column on

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3 comments on “Galaxy CEO Speaks Candidly About Ratings, Competitors and the Future”

  1. Local doesn't always mean great, there's a reason why Cumulus folks put another classic rocker on the air here.


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