POTW: Z89 Launches New Studio [VIDEO]

December 28, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- It's a moment many broadcasting students at Syracuse University have been eagerly awaiting for nearly two years.  Plans to expand the facilities of Z89 (WJPZ-FM) and CitrusTV were first announced in early 2011.  And just a little over a week ago, Z89 flipped the switch to begin broadcasting from its brand new studio.

Many SU students likely missed out on the chance to hear the changeover on-air -- not because it happened shortly before midnight, but more likely because it happened on December 20, a full week after final exams had concluded for the fall semester.  But, thanks to a video posted on YouTube, you can hear and watch as the new Z89 studio is brought online.

Thanks to former WJPZ President/GM Alex Brewer (class of '12, GM '10-'11) for sharing the link to this video, which was shot and posted to YouTube by fellow former WJPZ President/GM Alex Silverman (class of '10, GM '08-'09).

It was late February 2011, when The Daily Orange was first to report Syracuse University had approved the media outlets' request for more floor space within Watson Hall.  To make way for the expansion, the University agreed to close down a grocery store that had occupied the space between Z89 and Citrus TV.  In their pitch, both organizations said student membership numbers were increasing, and it was becoming more difficult to provide adequate space for students and equipment.

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