Former WSYR-TV meteorologist Eichorn lands new media gig

January 11, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- Longtime local broadcast meteorologist Dave Eichorn has a new job.  Today, the Syracuse Media Group announced it has hired Eichorn to create forecasts and provide analysis of local weather conditions for and the Post-Standard newspaper.  Eichorn tells he'll also continue to provide forecasts on the radio every weekday on Y94 (WYYY).

In the announcement on today, Syracuse Media Group Tim Kennedy said, "We are thrilled to add Dave Eichorn's unmatched expertise and energy to the new Syracuse Media Group. He will immediately explore innovative ways to inform and engage our Central New York audience in all things weather-related."

Eichorn started providing forecasts to Y94 four years ago this month, not long after he wrapped up a 19-year run as chief meteorologist at ABC television affiliate NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV).  In addition to his work on the radio, Eichorn has a private forecasting business and he's been teaching meteorology classes at SUNY Oswego, SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, and at Onondaga Community College.  He's also attending classes as a student, on track to earn his Ph.D.

Eichorn's new relationship with Syracuse Media Group might not come as a complete surprise to frequent visitors.  Over the past year, the meteorologist has been quoted by reporters in many weather-related news articles, and on multiple occasions, he's been invited to host live chat sessions.  The company said Eichorn's enthusiasm made the chat sessions "big hits, drawing large audiences."

As a result, Eichorn won't just be providing weather forecast discussion articles -- Syracuse Media Group says he'll "make himself available regularly to the audience to answer questions and gather observations."

Eichorn told, "I am especially excited about this. In many ways, I'll be doing what I used to do for a living. Only now, the whole dynamic of communication is going to be different."  Although he won't be reclaiming the glitz and glamour of appearing on television, he points out that focusing primarily on the web means, "the opportunities for weather discussion, weather coverage and interactive informational exchange are enormous, doable, and exciting."  He added, "after all, our weather is exciting."

In the article on, Eichorn said, "at times, it will be like we are all in a room together having one big conversation. We will have a chance to educate, be educated, and share learning experiences together."

Photo: Dave Eichorn talks weather at NewsChannel 9's 50th anniversary celebration at Onondaga Community College on September 27, 2012.

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