WRVO begins 3-day spring on-air fundraiser

March 14, 2013 by

OSWEGO -- Today was the first day of WRVO's spring on-air fundraiser.  While some stations devote an entire week to soliciting listener support on-air, WRVO said it was able to reduce its on-air fundraising efforts to just three days this year, thanks to the success of last month's "Foneless February" campaign.

While hosts will be devoting some time to encourage listeners to pledge their financial support to WRVO, volunteers are manning phone banks through Saturday.  Pledges can be called in to 315-312-3690 or 800-341-3690.  Donations can also be submitted online through

For donations of $120 or more, the NPR affiliate is offering the "WRVO MemberCard," which grants the bearer discounts at a number of businesses throughout WRVO's coverage area, which -- thanks to a number of repeaters and translators -- stretches from Ithaca and Cortland, through Syracuse, Oswego and Watertown, and north to the Canadian border, and east through Hamilton and Utica.  The MemberCard website also offers discounts with many online retailers.


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