POTW: Keith Urban wishes Big Frog 104Polly Wogg a happy birthday (2013)

April 19, 2013 by

UTICA-ROME -- A belated "hoppy birthday" to Big Frog 104 (WFRG) morning co-host Polly Wogg! Last week, she turned 40. Earlier this month, she asked Keith Urban if he'd sing her a birthday song. Although she didn't get exactly what she asked for, Polly Wogg was still very excited about the special gift she receive from the country music star.

It was no April Fool's joke when Polly posted this video on April 1st, asking Urban to sing Happy Birthday to her:

In the video, Polly used titles from a variety of Urban's songs to phrase her request.

Fast-forward to April 12, and Polly reported that she didn't get the song she wished for, but she received a personalized card from Urban, which also included many of his song titles.



If you can make out the text in the photo, you might wonder why it's addressed to "Stacey." That's her real first name, when she isn't in the public spotlight for Big Frog 104. In case you can't make out the text from the photo, here's what it says:

Dear Stacey

I’m no ‘Stupid Boy’ and I would never let one of your most important birthday’s go by. It was nice for ‘Somebody Like You’ to be such a ‘Sweet Thing’ and send that video!! It makes me wanna ‘Put You in a Song!!!’ This is a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ birthday and you can tell your friends ‘I Told You So.’ And if it’s ‘Raining on Sunday’ you can look forward to an even ‘Better Life.’

Happy 40th Love Keith Urban

You can read more about the entire story on the Big Frog 104 website.

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