WSYR-TV reporter leaving for New Orleans

April 26, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- This summer, reporter Leigh Isaacson will celebrate her two-year anniversary at NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV) by leaving the ABC affiliate. Last night, Isaacson announced she has a new job lined-up at the Fox affiliate in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The announcement was made on Twitter:

On her Twitter page, Isaacson says she's been working at NewsChannel 9 since June 2011. The timing of her planned departure seems to indicate she may be serving out the remainder of a two-year contract, which is standard for many TV news staffers in the market.

Also on Twitter, WVUE anchor Lee Zurik further explained Isaacson's connections to the Fox affiliate:

Our congratulations to Leigh Isaacson on her new job.  (And our apologies for some previous typos, which have been corrected.)

Her upcoming vacancy adds to a list of open positions listed on the NewsChannel 9 website. In addition to a reporter (which has actually been listed since last September), there are also openings for a web producer, an assignment editor, two news producers, a Bridge Street host/producer, and the one position every station always has available: account executive.

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