Sunny 102 welcomes new voice, familiar name

May 22, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- A family name familiar to longtime Syracuse residents is back on the air.  While Sunny 102 (WZUN) morning meteorologist Mike Ellis is out for the next 5 weeks, Jamie DeLine will be filling in.  The recent NYU graduate is the daughter of the late Dick DeLine, and grand-daughter of Jim DeLine, who was on both radio and TV in Syracuse, decades ago.

Morning host "Big Mike" Fiss tells that Ellis -- who's been providing weather updates for the entire 12 years Fiss has been at Sunny 102 -- is taking five weeks off to have a cancerous polyp removed.  The polyp was found during a recent colonoscopy.  The issue has been discussed on-air, in the hopes listeners will take Ellis' experience as an example and stay up-to-date on cancer screenings.  Ellis said his polyp was found early enough, that doctors expect he'll make a full recovery.

Until Ellis returns in five weeks, Jamie DeLine is filling in starting today.  Here's what Fiss told

Starting Wednesday, May22, filling in on my morning show reporting the weather while Mike Ellis is away will be Jamie DeLine, a member of a local legendary broadcast family. Her father was Dick DeLine, my newsman/cohost/very good friend for ten years in the 80s (from 1980 to 1990). Dick died in his 40s in 2000 (due to a brain tumor) when Jamie was very young. Jamie's grandfather (Dick's father) was the pioneering broadcast personality Jim DeLine, who hosted popular radio and TV shows with "The Jim DeLine Gang."

Jamie recently graduated NYU with a bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communications, including experience as an intern on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I am delighted to say Jamie will be the third generation DeLine to be on air in Syracuse!

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3 comments on “Sunny 102 welcomes new voice, familiar name”

  1. Big Mike.... made my day to read this! :) I tuned in just after 8:00 this morning but didn't hear her. What time are her weather hits? I think of Dick often. Actually, I occasionally have dreams of our days spent on Clinton Square. And considering how vivid the dreams are, I truly think they're a means of Dick stopping by to say hello!

  2. Chris: I love what you said about Dick! Jamie's weather blurbs are heard on top and bottom of the hour from 6A to 8A and then she leaves us at 8A ... She also joins us for interactions especially at 6:10, 6:50 and 7:40. She is a wonderful young lady and just what you'd expect!

    Jim: Hahaha!


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