Ted Bilodeau leaves Galaxy to head east

July 13, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- After nearly a decade with Galaxy Communications, production director and on-air personality Ted Bilodeau won't be returning to the company's Walton Street headquarters for work on Monday.  He's moving east to take a new radio job in his native New Hampshire.

Although clients and ad agencies who interacted with Bilodeau as Galaxy's production director in Syracuse likely knew him by his real name, most people probably know him better as Steve Kelley, the name he used on-air for his midday shows on classic hits Sunny 102.1 (WZUN) and Utica-Rome hot AC Mix 102.5 (WUMX).

Galaxy's Mimi Griswold tells, "we will miss him!"  Earlier this year on LinkedIn, Griswold called Bilodeau, "meticulous, detail-oriented and creative...a perfect combinations as a Production Director."  It appears Galaxy's loss will be a gain for Binnie Media, where Bilodeau will be working in the Granite State.  We're told the move brings him closer to family members there.

Weekender Cody Mack is handling the airshifts formerly held by "Steve Kelley" for now, but the search is on for a permanent replacement.  Griswold -- who graciously responded to our inquiry on her weekend off -- promised to share the job posting on Monday.  If you're interested, we'll add the posting to this story then, so check back.

Editor on Vacation

Although your editor is still on "summer vacation" as announced earlier this month, we hope you'll agree Bilodeau's departure after nearly a decade is worth posting a quick update.  In addition to posting notable stories like this one here on, we've also been sharing various items on Facebook and Twitter -- even if we haven't had time to post a full story here on the main site.  If you have news to share, the email inbox is still open at but please don't be offended if we take awhile to respond, or if we decide to pass on the story.  (The earlier post explains.)


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