POTW: TK99 helps young fan meet Donovan McNabb prior to surgery

November 11, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- Planning for an operation is no fun for anyone... especially a young child.  But a 12-year-old from Oswego County got a thrill before heading into the for major spinal surgery, when classic rock station TK99 (WTKW) was able to help the boy meet one of his sports heroes.

Afternoon host Rick Deyulio said he got a call in the studio last friday from Steve Pierce.  The host said Pierce "was looking to do something special" for his son, Alex, to brighten the boy's day.

"Steve told me Alex is a huge Donovan McNabb fan and wondered if we might be able to help Alex get Donovan's autograph," said Deyulio.  "As luck would have it, at that very moment McNabb was in our building, using one of our studios to broadcast his national radio show!"

Deyulio told Steve to bring Alex down to the station's Armory Square studios, along with something for McNabb to sign.  As soon as he got off the phone, Deyulio says he told McNabb about the call.  When the Pierces arrived a short time later, McNabb not only provided his autographed, but he appeared in the lobby to welcome the father and son to the studios.  The former quarterback for the Syracuse Orange, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings talked with Alex for awhile, and provided his autograph.


We're told Alex Pierce's surgery on Monday went well, but he has several weeks of recovery ahead of him.

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