Trailer released for WJPZ history documentary

January 14, 2014 by

SYRACUSE -- Providing real-world experience that goes beyond textbooks and quizzes, many alumni of SU's Newhouse School would argue that student-run WJPZ radio is the "greatest media classroom."  That's part of the title for a new documentary due to premiere in March.

Secretary/COO Scott MacFarlane '98, now a reporter for NBC 4 in Washington, DC, shared this sneak peek with us:

As MacFarlane summarized, the documentary covers "the unique history" of WJPZ, including: "Its founding.  Its shift to the FM dial.  It’s handling of the PAN AM 103 crash -- and the station’s many incarnations and innovations in the years since."

The 30-minute documentary is due to premiere during the WJPZ Alumni Association's annual Birthday Banquet, on March 1.


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