CNY Central's Niko and Farah Moving to Seattle

July 2, 2021 by
Niko Tamurian and Farah Jadran

CNY Central (WSTM / WTVH / CW6) says the married duo of Sports Director Niko Tamurian and WTVH morning news anchor Farah Jadran are moving to Seattle.

Here's the press release CNY Central shared with today:

Couple will pursue new opportunities in Seattle with full support of their CNY Central Family

                Syracuse, N.Y. --- This summer CBS5 Anchor Farah Jadran and CNY Central Sports Director Niko Tamurian will begin new opportunities in Seattle, Washington.  The CNY Central Team wishes this amazing couple the very best as they tackle new experiences and welcome their first child into this world, in a city they’ve always dreamed of relocating to.

                Just last month Farah and Niko, who are so commonly known to Central New Yorkers by their first names, announced they are expecting their first child in November.  Their plans now include re-locating to Seattle with their three dogs -  Jack, Bear, and Bogey – to continue their careers in the 12th largest TV News Market in the United States.

                “It is with mixed emotions that we send our beloved Niko and Farah off to Seattle, as they will be so dearly missed by our team and the Central New York community,” said Amy Collins, Vice President and General Manager of WSTM NBC3, WTVH CBS5, CW6, &  “In the many years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Niko, I can say without a doubt, that the only thing bigger than his talent as a sports anchor and journalist, is the size of his heart!  When Farah joined our team two-years ago, she brought with her that same heart and a commitment to community involvement, not easily matched in our region.”

                “Our CNY Central News Team is significantly stronger today because of the talents and tireless efforts of Farah and Niko over many years,” said CNY Central News Director Sean Carroll.  “We are going to miss them, but we are also so proud that they will be taking the skills they have sharpened here in Central New York, and the sense of community they both possess, to their new home.  A piece of Central New York will always be with Farah and Niko and we wish them the very best throughout this exciting transition.”

“Leaving the community that became my second home more than 13-years ago will be difficult but saying ‘goodbye’ to the wonderful people I’ve met and worked with here is going to be the biggest challenge,” CBS5 This Morning and Noon Anchor Farah Jadran said.  “Over my two-years with CNY Central News I’ve seen how their genuinely positive and team-focused attitude delivers our neighbors in this community the very best every day.”

“This is so bittersweet for me, Central New York is my hometown,” CNY Central Sports Director Niko Tamurian said.  “I’ll always be grateful to the people and community who have made this job the best in the world!  I’m excited for what’s next professionally and to become a new dad in Seattle; but I will always call Central New York home.”

“We may be heading to Seattle, but we will always ‘Bleed Orange’ and are forever grateful to this place we call home,” Jadran added.

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One comment on “CNY Central's Niko and Farah Moving to Seattle”

  1. I predict there will be promotions for Tommy Sladek as Sports Director for CNY Central, Melanie Johnson as CBS 5 weekday morning/noon news anchor with Meteorologist Mike Brookins, and Greg Vorse will be the new sports anchor for the weekend editions and for the weekends will soon have 2 new news anchors doing the news for the CNY Central Stations.


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