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Bluegrass Ramble Host Wins National Award

SYRACUSE -- His peers have spoken. Next month, Bill Knowlton from WCNY's Bluegrass Ramble will receive top honors for his efforts to promote bluegrass music. That honor will come in the form of the International Bluegrass Music Association's Distinguished Achievement Award, to be presented to Knowlton in Nashville on September 29.

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36 years of Bluegrass Ramble

SYRACUSE -- Later this month, Classic FM (WCNY) airs a special edition of Bluegrass Ramble in honor of the show's 36th anniversary. And you're invited to attend the show's taping tomorrow -- free admission, and no reservations required.

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30 years of Bluegrass Ramble

This Sunday, WCNY FM 91.3 airs a special edition of Bluegrass Ramble in honor of the show's 30th anniversary.

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Celebrating 29 years of Bluegrass Ramble

Sunday, Jan. 13 at 2 p.m., Bill Knowlton will host a live bluegrass concert at the WCNY FM 91.3 studios in Liverpool.  

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Should stations play anthem daily?

Bill Knowlton would like to hear the national anthem played daily on central New York radio stations. The host of WCNY's Bluegrass Ramble show said in a recent letter to the Syracuse New Times that the broadcast of the anthem is a "needed musical morale booster."

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Fans of Bluegrass Ramble doing their part

For most of the week, programming on Syracuse public radio station WCNY 91.3 FM centers around classical music. On Sunday nights though, the fiddlers take over. Bill Knowlton's long-running Bluegrass Ramble show recently racked up $4,300 in pledges from listeners from as far away as Texas and South Carolina. The program airs on Sunday nights […]

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