Should stations play anthem daily?

January 6, 2002 by Scott Jameson

Bill Knowlton would like to hear the national anthem played daily on central New York radio stations. The host of WCNY's Bluegrass Ramble show said in a recent letter to the Syracuse New Times that the broadcast of the anthem is a "needed musical morale booster."

Knowlton's letter:

Not too long ago, when radio stations were not broadcasting 24 hours a day, they would sign off and on with our national anthem. During the incarceration of American citizens in Iran, WHIO-AM 1290 in Dayton, Ohio, inaugurated the policy of playing the anthem every day at noon. WHIO is still doing this.

There are 60-second versions of the national anthem that all of our Syracuse-area radio (and television) stations could easily obtain, hopefully with the idea of imitating what WHIO has been doing for so many years. The daily broadcasting of our beloved national anthem is a needed musical morale booster in tough times such as these.

Archive article reposted with help from volunteer Ashley Caster

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