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No Local Impact from Smerconish Shuffle in Philly

SYRACUSE -- Stories in the national trades report a big shakeup at syndicated talk host Michael Smerconish's home station in Philadelphia -- starting in 2011, he'll be on the air from 3-7pm there.  But, his midday talk show will still air live from noon to 3pm, of which the first two hours are carried locally […]

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Citadel Confirms New WNSS Lineup; Also Lite Rock Going FM Talk

SYRACUSE -- Big news from the Citadel camp on James Street this afternoon: the station confirms WNSS will remain a sports-talker branded as "The Score 1260" as of March 5th. Even more of a surprise: Lite Rock 105.9 will be flipped to an FM talk format, branded as "105.9 The Big Talker."

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