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Report: Syracuse radio show Twitter pics could invoke NCAA violations

SYRACUSE -- Photos "tweeted" by a local sports talk radio show could lead to disciplinary action against two members of the Syracuse University football team.  It's all because the players were holding up banners displaying the names and logos of various sponsors of the "Syracuse Legends" program which airs every Friday night on ESPN Radio […]

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High School Sports Talk Show Expands

SYRACUSE -- From the "better late than never" file, those who follow high school sports closely may be pleased to know Mike Bristol's weekly "Inside High School Sports" show has recently expanded from one hour to two.  That's the word from an article on today.  Author Pat Spadafora says he'll be filling in for […]

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Displaced Sports Shows Resurface at ESPN Radio

SYRACUSE -- When Clear Channel eliminated the sports format on AM 620 (WHEN), as part of a two-stage move to create an AM/FM simulcast of dominant news/talk station WSYR, two local sports shows hosted by Mike Bristol were left homeless. Now, both shows are "back and better than ever," across town at the four ESPN […]

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