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Axe Returns to Airwaves

Brent Axe and his sports talk show "On the Block" returned to the Syracuse airwaves this afternoon.  As we reported earlier, Axe is on the air weekdays from 3-6pm.  His show is on Citadel's ESPN Radio 1260 (WNSS).  He originally told us today's launch was not set-in-stone, but any uncertainty is now gone, with the […]

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Brent Axe Returning to Radio

Sports talk host Brent Axe will be back on the radio within the next month.  Axe e-mailed us with the news today.  His show "On the Block," will make its comeback on Citadel's ESPN Radio 1260 (WNSS) in April.

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Utica's Brent Axe joins SportsRadio 620

SYRACUSE -- Beginning Monday, Brent Axe will take over as the newest sports talker on Syracuse's SportsRadio 620 WHEN with a two-hour daily call-in show called On the Block.

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