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Opie & Anthony Lash Back at 95X

Apparently Citadel's decision to drop "Opie & Anthony" from the 95X lineup yesterday, replacing it with a music-intensive show branded as "Shut Up and Rock" was a surprise to O&A themselves.

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95X Ditches Opie & Anthony

Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX) has once again changed its morning show.  Effective today, the syndicated Opie & Anthony Show is out, and locally-programmed "Shut Up & Rock Mornings" are in.  WAQX had carried the O&A show since January 2007.

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Stern still off the air in Syracuse

Howard Stern is back from his two week vacation, but not in the five markets where Citadel Communications had been broadcasting the shock jock's show.

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