Opie & Anthony Lash Back at 95X

July 15, 2008 by

Apparently Citadel's decision to drop "Opie & Anthony" from the 95X lineup yesterday, replacing it with a music-intensive show branded as "Shut Up and Rock" was a surprise to O&A themselves.

A summary of Monday morning's show on the duo's own website says a listener from Syracuse called into the show between 6:00 and 6:30am, asking why they weren't being heard on 95X.  The post explains Citadel wasn't pleased with the show and "it was only through a back room deal that O&A were able to keep the show on in Buffalo," referring to Citadel's 103.3 The Edge (WEDG), the O&A affiliate in that market.

The 7:00 section of the summary begins with a brief update, claiming even more Syracuse listeners have called in, wondering why O&A aren't on 95X.  It goes on to slam Citadel's stock performance and name... which we imagine won't do much to convince Citadel to change its minds.

You can see the complete page here, with our warning that some of the language might be seen as mildly offensive (rated PG) by those who are strict about that sort of thing.

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