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Adoption Agency Names Dog After Tunes 92-5

WATERTOWN -- Broadcasters partnering with animal shelters is nothing new, but it's not every day you hear of a pet being named after a radio station.  It's happened though -- a North Country dog adoption agency has named one of their pooches after Tunes 92-5 (WBLH).  Inside the story: a picture of "Tunes" and how you […]

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WBLH Reportedly Stunting

Nearly a month ago, we told you how WBLH/Black River (92.7FM) was LMA'ed from Randy Michaels' Radioactive, LLC to a company called Intrepid Broadcasting.  At that time, it was just a construction permit, but now we're hearing that the station seems to be stunting with some rather obscure music selections.

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If you've never heard of WBLH... don't feel bad.  Neither have we!  But reports Randy Michaels' Radioactive, LLC has agreed to LMA and eventually sell the station to Intrepid Broadcasting.  So where exactly is WBLH?

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