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If you've never heard of WBLH... don't feel bad.  Neither have we!  But reports Randy Michaels' Radioactive, LLC has agreed to LMA and eventually sell the station to Intrepid Broadcasting.  So where exactly is WBLH?

It's not listed on or any other phone directory we tried.  But after some digging on Google, we found it listed on Radio Station World, where it's listed as a "new" station at 92.5 FM, licensed to Black River.  We then went on to find its listing on the FCC website.

When this article originally published, we weren't sure why we hadn't heard of WBLH before.  Thanks to today's "Taylor on Radio-Info" column, we now understand we're not alone -- nobody has ever heard WBLH on the air because it's just a construction permit at this time.

4 comments on “UPDATE: WBLH Gets LMA'ed”

  1. While returning to Fulton from Lake Placid this week with 2 of my nieces we were looking for some good tunes to listen to in the car. We came across this radio station and were hooked immediately. We listened the entire hour and decided that our time in the car was the most enjoyable part of our time together. We too would be interested in the list of music played and the possibility of having something like that to include in our iPods. Two of our favorites are: Bananaphone and Mah Na Nah Na. There should be more radio stations out there like this!!!!!!

  2. i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so if a moderator sees fit, please move it.

    i have been in near constant contact with the PD of WBLH in the past couple weeks. tonight (7/30/08) is the first night of actual broadcast. first song i heard was "you dropped the bomb on me" by the gap band. with that you can guess that the loop is done playing, this makes me sad because i learned nearly all of bob the builder.
    they are running automated for 1 week and will be on air after that. the name of the station is "Tunes 92.5"

    i'll update as i can.

  3. they are running a Jack format which to those of you playing alng at home means they play a little bit of everything. from 70's to today in all genres of music (such as country, top 40, rock...)

    they have 3 on air djs at this current juncture.

    morning guy Les Shockley known in the past as "Shocks" "Les Moore" and "eggs" to name a few. Les is on from 6a-10a then they run straight music till 2 pm when "The B man" comes on.

    "The B man" is from Pennsylvania and he broadcasts until 6 pm when local legend "Johnny Keegan" hits the air, he's back and it seems as though he never left the air.


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