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More Choices to Replace O'Reilly

NEW YORK CITY - There are more names being tossed around as potential options for stations all over the country -- including 2 in territory -- that are in the process of finding replacements for the soon-to-be-departing-radio Bill O'Reilly.

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Fox Pushing John Gibson as O'Reilly Replacement

Less than two weeks after Bill O'Reilly announced his plans to leave radio "sometime" in the first quarter of 2009, Fox News Radio is hoping his affiliates will sign up with another Fox News personality, John Gibson.

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Bill O'Reilly to End Radio Show in '09

(UPDATED 1:15PM) NEW YORK CITY - Bill O'Reilly says he's too busy to continue hosting "The Radio Factor," despite being one of the most successful shows on the air right now.  That opens a 2-hour scheduling gap at hundreds of stations nationwide, including two in our area.

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WIBX Adding Glenn Beck's Weekend Show

Nothing yet on their website or sent out to their E-Mail Club, but Utica-Rome's Newsradio 950 WIBX is reportedly adding "The Glenn Beck Weekend" to its lineup.

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Controlling Westwood One MAX using Broadcast Tools DSC20

Watertown engineer Michael Ring, whose work on rebuilding the WTNY tower was featured in our most recent Picture of the Week, writes in with some important information to help fellow engineers using the new Broadcast Tools DSC20 dual satellite controller. 

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Leeza Gibbons to launch new show

A day after Premiere Radio Networks announced the cancellation of Leeza Gibbons' Hollywood Confidential, we find out the reason why.  Gibbons has signed with Westwood One to host a five-hour nightly show called Leeza at Night.

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Loveline comes to K-Rock

Got relationship problems? Need to know if you can get pregnant after having sex standing up? Starting Sunday night, K-Rock (WKRL) will have all the answers to your "intimacy issues" with a unique spin that only hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla can provide. The nationally syndicated Loveline will air Sunday through Thursday nights […]

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Laura Ingraham debuts new web site

Syndicated conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham earlier this week launched a new web site.

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WSYR adds Laura Ingraham show

After Bruce Williams and Westwood One parted company earlier this month, WSYR has dropped the advice show for conservative talker Laura Ingraham. The spirited gab-fest can be heard weeknights from 7PM 'til 1AM (when there's not a baseball game on, of course).

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Imus' sports anchor apologizes

Sid Rosenberg, the recently fired sports anchor for "Imus in the Morning" is back on the air after apologizing for his on-air comments about Venus and Serena Williams. Saying that he didn't intend to hurt anyone and that "what I said was not appropriate", Rosenberg expressed his regrets over comments including that the sisters are […]

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