More Choices to Replace O'Reilly

December 18, 2008 by

NEW YORK CITY - There are more names being tossed around as potential options for stations all over the country -- including 2 in territory -- that are in the process of finding replacements for the soon-to-be-departing-radio Bill O'Reilly.

Yesterday, we told you Fox News Radio is moving John Gibson's radio show from evenings to afternoons, hoping to entice stations to trade one Fox personality for another.

Since then, the New York Post is reporting former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani is in negotiations with O'Reilly's radio syndicator, Westwood One, to take over his noon-2pm slot.  O'Reilly said he'll be leaving radio "sometime" in the beginning of 2009, but has yet to name a specific date.

And according to this morning's Taylor on Radio-Info newsletter, Talk Radio Network is now offering a noon-3pm re-feed of Laura Ingraham, geared toward stations that don't want to fuss with tape-delaying her live feed from 9am-noon.

The Ingraham offering is of little use to the two local stations that carry O'Reilly right now: WIBX/Utica already carries Ingraham live, and WTNY/Watertown runs two hours of her show on tape-delay at 8pm.  No word yet from management at either station on any decisions to fill O'Reilly's timeslot.


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