Mediaguide Now Monitoring Syracuse

SYRACUSE -- Even though automation systems in place at virtually every radio station in the region allow for easy and accurate documentation of every single song and advertisement that hits the air, many stations are now being watched by at least one "external" observer around the clock. Mediaguide is now monitoring several stations in the […]

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New Syracuse IDs on "Toppy"

You've read about all the various format flips and call letter changes over the past few months here at ... but if you've been out of town, perhaps you haven't had a chance to hear the changes.  Now you can -- Scott Fybush has posted a slew of new Syracuse legal IDs on

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Facebook Pulls CNY Talk Host's Tribute to Suicide Pilot

SYRACUSE -- About a day after CNY Talk Radio (WFBL/WMCR-A) noontime host Jon Alvarez posted a Facebook tribute to Joe Stack, the social networking site pulled the page down, citing a policy banning "hateful or threatening" pages.  Stack was the pilot who took his own life and one other when he crashed a small plane […]

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WMCR(AM) Now Simulcasting WFBL

ONEIDA -- Many folks suspected it--given the chain of events over the past several months--and now it appears the hunches were right: WMCR's AM signal at 1600 kHz is now simulcasting the "CNY Talk Radio" lineup that originated on Syracuse sister station WFBL 1390.

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WMCR Rebrands as "Mix 106"

ONEIDA -- Things are sounding a little different at WMCR-FM this morning.  The station has rebranded itself as "Mix 106."  An anonymous tipster told us about the change late last night.  Listening this morning, the changes appear to be minor so far.

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Buckley Sale Pricetag: $2.1 Million

SYRACUSE -- The pricetag on the sale of Buckley Radio's three-station Syracuse cluster to James V. Johnson's Leatherstocking Media Group was revealed today.  In documents filed with the FCC, the purchase price is listed as $2.1 million.

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Buckley Sells Syracuse Cluster to WMCR Owner

Updated 8/19 @ 6:15PM with Buckley Press Release - SYRACUSE -- Buckley's three-station Syracuse cluster will soon have a new owner, pending FCC approval: James Johnson's Leatherstocking Media Group, the same outfit that recently purchased the WMCR AM/FM duo in Oneida.

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WMCR to Split AM and FM, Other Big Changes Confirmed

ONEIDA -- A little over three months after new owner James Johnson mentioned he might be making some changes at WMCR, those changes are now official.  Get ready to see the AM/FM simulcast split in two, and kiss the nightly 10pm signoff goodbye.

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WMCR Sale: It's Official

ONEIDA -- The sale of, as they legal ID themselves, "WMCR AM 1600 and FM 106.3 in Oneida, New York" is a done deal.  After about 40 years of ownership, Vivian Warren has retired from the radio ownership game, nearly a million dollars richer.

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New Ownership for WMCR... Changes Pending?

ONEIDA -- The tiny station next to the former Ames plaza on Route 5 in Oneida will soon have a new owner.  WMCR is in the process of a pending sale to James Johnson's Leatherstocking Media Group.

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