CNY Radio shifts gears

April 22, 2005 by Scott Jameson

"To everything there is a season."

Spring is upon us, but the leaves are turning here at After much thought, I have decided to suspend regular publication of the site. The past four years have been immensely rewarding and I wish to thank the many station managers and on-air talent that have, behind the scenes, helped make this site what I hope has been a full-featured, balanced look at the Central New York radio scene.

But, other challenges beckon, both personally and professionally.

As for the web site itself, will exist in some form for the foreseeable future. What its focus or format will be, though, is still up in the air.

The "spirited discussions" about the local media will, no doubt, continue on the various message boards and chat rooms. As for me, I'll still be around on the air Saturday mornings at Oldies 92.1, a station I've been a part of since 1985. I'd like to particularly thank the management at WSEN for their generosity in allowing me to, at times, sing the praises of other stations in the market through articles on this site. Considering how cutthroat this business can be, I appreciate their understanding.

These are compelling times for the radio industry, and with digital media taking hold and satellite services knocking at the door, the next few years should prove to be interesting. And for those of us who are drawn to the radio business like a moth to the flame, we won't want to miss a single minute of it.

For our final ‘Picture of the Week’, a tip of the hat to two of the guys who were part of the reason why I got involved in this crazy business to begin with: Jay Flannery and Joe Gallagher.  Their time on the air at 62 WHEN during the late ‘70s was pure magic to a teenage kid listening from afar. Thanks for the inspiration, guys.

"And the beat goes on…"

Scott Jameson

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