WSUC Alumni Reunion Planned

May 30, 2008 by

One of the folks shown in a recent Picture of the Week (depicting the 1976 WSUC management team) writes to tell us SUNY Cortland is planning a WSUC Reunion as part of the college's Alumni Weekend next year.

We won't name names (because we're not sure if our "tipster" wanted to remain private or not) but they've got it on good authority the Alumni Weekend is set for July 17-19, 2009. 

There's nothing "official" on SUNY Cortland's website yet, likely because Alumni Weekend 2008 hasn't even happened yet.  But you can save that link for later, since it looks like it'll eventually become the '09 page sometime after this year's Alumni Weekend has passed.

The gathering will also be open to Cortland grads who participated in other campus media outlets when they were students.


How about YOUR college radio reunion?
This is the second college radio reunion we've reported since was re-launched earlier this year.  If you were part of the campus radio station at your college, be sure to let us know if/when you have a reunion.  We're more than happy to help get the word out.  (And yes, it's free.)
As always, our address for your news tips is cnyradio <at>

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