Ted & Amy Celebrate 20th Anniversary on 93Q

November 13, 2008 by

All week long, 93Q (WNTQ) morning show hosts Ted and Amy have been celebrating 20 years on the air together.  The "official" anniversary was Monday, but they've been sprinkling in little "bonuses" here and there throughout the week.

Since the timing of your editor's "real" job often prevents first-hand listening to morning radio, and nobody sent us a press release, we're relying on an observant reader who says Monday morning's show featured cake and a visit from various local dignitaries.

Our informant missed Tuesday's show, but Wednesday featured clips of various things from the past 20 years.  Thursday morning's show is supposed to include some of the best prank phone calls Ted and Amy used to make.  No indication yet on what listeners can expect for Friday.

The station has also been airing memories and comments from listeners.  If you have a favorite memory from Ted & Amy's show from anytime over the past 20 years, leave your message on the 93Q comment line at 434-9400.

We don't have any official records ( -- or any .com for that matter -- didn't exist in 1988), but we're thinking Ted and Amy must be the longest-running morning show in Syracuse.  Yes?  No?  Correct us if we're wrong, but we can't think of any other morning team that's been continuously together in the same shift on the same station for 20 years.
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