Galaxy and Eastlan in for the Long Haul

November 21, 2008 by

SYRACUSE - Galaxy Communications has signed a long-term deal to continue using Eastlan's ratings service.  In a statement issued today, Galaxy CEO Ed Levine suggests stations can save jobs by choosing Eastlan.

The Eastlan press release quotes Levine as saying:

"Stop laying off your hard-working radio staff and hire Eastlan to be your ratings provider. We signed with Eastlan in Syracuse at the end of 2006. Our 2007 BCF grew 4.3% in a flat overall market while our 2008 BCF has climbed 9.4% in a market that is down over 5%. If we had not switched ratings vendors, this type of growth would not have been possible. It's very clear to us, Eastlan saves radio jobs!"

Obviously, Levine is hinting at the fact that Eastlan's service comes at a lower cost than longtime ratings powerhouse Arbitron, and even TV-ratings king Nielsen, which is currently re-entering the radio ratings arena. 

Neither side says exactly how long the deal will last, but we assume it's longer than the initial deal Galaxy struck two years ago, when it severed its ties with Arbitron (Levine had a seat on Arb's Radio Advisory Council at the time) to sign with Eastlan.


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