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Top radio stations unchanged in latest Syracuse Arbitron report

SYRACUSE -- No major surprises at the top of the latest radio ratings report from Arbitron.  Clear Channel country station B104.7 (WBBS) keeps the first row in the ratings company's latest audience estimates.  And it looks like there are no changes in the ongoing battle between the market's CHR competitors.

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Cumulus signs ratings deal with Arbitron

COLUMBIA, MD -- A new deal between radio ratings giant Arbitron and station owner Cumulus Media means four Syracuse-area radio stations will again have access to ratings data. It also means ratings data released to the media and the general public will include Cumulus-owned stations for the first time in years.

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Additional Insight on Spring 2012 Radio Ratings

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- Earlier this week, we shared with you the Syracuse and Utica-Rome market Arbitron radio ratings for the Spring 2012 survey period.  The ratings company's relatively-new "subscriber only" policy makes it tough to get a truly-accurate picture of the competition in both markets, but thanks to reliable sources, we have some additional […]

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Arbitron Releases Syracuse Spring 2012 Ratings

SYRACUSE -- Unless you've got access to the full Arbitron Spring 2012 ratings report for Syracuse, it can be difficult to tell where the area's radio stations stacked up against each other.  The numbers released to the public today include only 8 of the market's more than 30 stations.

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Utica-Rome Ratings: A Sweep for Townsquare Media

UTICA-ROME -- Townsquare Media's quartet of stations finished #1-2-3-4 in the Fall 2011 audience estimates just released by Eastlan Ratings. With it's 100,000-watt powerhouse signal, it's no surprise to see country Big Frog 104 (WFRG) leading the pack once again.

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Syracuse Ratings: B104.7 Back on Top

SYRACUSE -- The Fall 2011 ratings report from Eastlan Ratings has been released for the Syracuse market. After several books where talk stations ruled the market, B104.7 is back at #1. And did Cumulus make a mistake in flipping "The Big Talker" to classic rock last week?

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Utica Ratings Part II: Arbitron's Turn

UTICA/ROME -- Just a day after we shared and reviewed the Spring 2011 numbers from Eastlan, we now have a partial look at the numbers from Arbitron.  Just like the Fall 2010 book, Arbitron has limited public ratings to "subscriber only" status, meaning the media and the public only get to see the results for stations […]

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Syracuse Ratings: News/Talk Battle

SYRACUSE -- A quick glance at the latest audience estimates released by Eastlan Ratings would lead one to believe that Oswego-based NPR affiliate WRVO has bragging rights as the #1 station in Syracuse. But look a little deeper and it appears Clear Channel's WSYR has maintained its spot at the top of the market, when […]

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Utica Ratings: Big Frog 104 Maintains #1 Position

UTICA/ROME -- Townsquare Media's country Big Frog 104 (WFRG) retained its reputation as the ratings leader in the latest audience estimates released by Eastlan Ratings. Townsquare's other three stations followed right behind, creating a bit of a shakeup in the market, compared to the Fall 2010 book.

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Arbitron to Revise Utica-Rome Fall 2010 Book

UTICA/ROME -- Some slight confusion between two stations on adjacent frequencies has caused Arbitron to revise its audience estimates for the Utica-Rome market.  The revisions, due out Tuesday at 10:00am, are expected to result in higher numbers for adult standards B95.5/WUTQ/WADR.

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