Arbitron to Revise Utica-Rome Fall 2010 Book

March 4, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- Some slight confusion between two stations on adjacent frequencies has caused Arbitron to revise its audience estimates for the Utica-Rome market.  The revisions, due out Tuesday at 10:00am, are expected to result in higher numbers for adult standards B95.5/WUTQ/WADR.

Dave Silvers, operations manager at Roser Communications Network, passed along a notice he received from Arbitron, which says, in part:

WUTQ-AM retransmits its programming via a translator at 95.5. For the previously-released Fall 2010 Utica-Rome Radio Market Report, entries reflecting listening to WUTQ-AM’s translator were credited in some instances to an out-of-market station at 95.7.

Roser has used the translator (W238CA) since July 2010 to simulcast the "beautiful music" format which was previously -- and continues to be -- available on WUTQ 1550 and WADR 1480.  In an effort to promote the new translator, the station has since been branding itself as "B95.5."

Arbitron's statement did not indicate exactly how many diaries were incorrectly credited, nor how much WUTQ's ratings will be affected.

The ratings company's original Fall 2010 report said WUTQ/WADR  earned a 0.9 rating for Persons 12+, which is down considerably from the previous two books, where the station had at least a 2.0.

By contrast, estimates from Eastlan have WUTQ losing only one-tenth of a point among the same P12+ demographic -- though it should be noted that the two companies conduct their ratings during slightly different time periods.

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2 comments on “Arbitron to Revise Utica-Rome Fall 2010 Book”

  1. Just a short correction that WUTQ is on 1550-AM instead of the 1150-AM you have listed in your story.

    1. Fixed... thanks! This is what happens when I wake up an hour before I wanted to, can't get back to sleep and start writing before the coffee is ready!


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