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Eastlan Releases Fall 2010 Ratings

SYRACUSE and UTICA-ROME -- Eastlan Ratings just released their Fall 2010 audience estimates today.  Those expecting major shakeups may be disappointed -- the top three stations in both Syracuse and Utica/Rome held their respective ground.  But in both markets, you won't have to look any further than the top 5 to see changes.

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Slicing and Dicing Utica-Rome Ratings

UTICA-ROME -- Even though Arbitron didn't release its Spring 2010 ratings estimates to the general public (the market's actually been embargoed since the Fall 2008 book), Arbitron's Fair Use policy says media can report on certain ratings data -- as long as the data is provided by subscribers.  That's just what happened, so for the […]

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Eastlan Spring 2010 Ratings Released

SYRACUSE and UTICA-ROME -- While Arbitron's longstanding (and always unexplained) embargoes continue for all four markets covered by, the Eastlan Ratings service has released its P12+ radio audience estimates for a second time. New numbers from Eastlan's Spring 2010 survey period are now available for the Syracuse and Utica-Rome markets.  Updated 1/6/11 with corrections […]

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Eastlan Releases Ratings to Public

SYRACUSE and UTICA-ROME -- Arbitron continues to embargo the public release of ratings information for these two markets, but the competing Eastlan Ratings service is now sharing its version of the station performance story with the general public.

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Galaxy and Eastlan in for the Long Haul

SYRACUSE - Galaxy Communications has signed a long-term deal to continue using Eastlan's ratings service.  In a statement issued today, Galaxy CEO Ed Levine suggests stations can save jobs by choosing Eastlan.

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