Westwood Cancels Lars Larson; 2 Area Stations Impacted

March 19, 2009 by

PORTLAND, OR -- According to, syndication giant Westwood One has cancelled the Lars Larson show "effective immediately," leaving affiliates to line up replacements.  Larson is reportedly seeking a new syndicator so he can stay on the air.  (Updated 3/20)

The website says Larson's national show has about 125 affiliates... including Newsradio 950 WIBX in Utica and News-Talk 870 WHCU in Ithaca. is reporting Westwood One is feeding "best of" shows for the time being, so as not to strand any affiliates.  The website also says Larson is seeking a new syndicator to pick up the show.  Westwood is reportedly trying to convince affiliates to sign with the network's other personalities, including Dennis Miller and Jim Bohannon.

WIBX had been carrying Larson live, weeknights from 6-8pm.  WHCU had been running the show on delay at 9pm weeknights, along with "best of the week" recaps on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Updated 3/20: WHCU's Dave Vieser tells the station will continue to run the best-of shows, "provided [Larson] finds a syndication outlet by next Friday."  Vieser is confident a new deal could be announced "very shortly," and did not say what the station would do if there is no deal before the end of next week. also contacted WIBX Program Director Gene Conte on Thursday night; we're still awaiting his response.

In the meantime, Larson's not totally out of work; during the hours rightbefore his national show, he hosts a "Northwest Show" which airs on his flagship station (KXL in Portland) and about 15 other stations throughout Oregon.  The Northwest Show continues, regardless of the fate of the national show. has not yet heard from programmers at either station, regarding their future plans to fill those timeslots.

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