Lars Larson Gets New Syndicator

March 23, 2009 by

PORTLAND, OR -- Less than a week after Lars Larson was dropped by Westwood One, the Oregon-based talk host has a new syndicator lined up.  The deal means Larson will remain on the air with at least one of his two local affiliates.

Assistant PD Dave Vieser at WHCU in Ithaca tells that Larson sent the announcement to affiliates over the weekend.  He's signing with Compass Media Networks.  According to today's edition of Tom Taylor on Radio-Info, Compass is headed by Peter Kosann, the former CEO of Westwood One.

Vieser tells us the new deal means Larson will remain on WHCU, "same bat time, same bat channel."  WHCU airs Larson's show on delay, weeknights at 9pm.  The Saga station also runs Larson's weekend offerings.

The only other local affiliate is Regent-owned WIBX in Utica.  Program Director Gene Conte tells us, "we are reviewing our options, both contractually and technically."  He says he can't comment further on the situation at this point.  As soon as Conte updates us, we'll update you right here.

Larson's new deal with Compass is effective March 30, a week from today.  Westwood One says it will continue to run "best of" shows all this week, so as not to leave affiliates in the dark.


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